Labor Law
Poster Compliance

Labor Law Poster Compliance

Are you staying up-to-date on all state and federal laws regarding labor law postings? Do you change your posters throughout the year to avoid fines and lawsuits?

On average, changes to federal and state labor regulations require three posting modifications annually. Failure to stay in compliance can result in costly consequences for employers, such as penalties or lawsuits. Strongpay offers our clients the option of labor law poster compliance programs to ensure 100% protection.

Clients utilizing the program receive an up-to-date state and federal combination poster. If a state or federal change occurs throughout the subscription period, clients automatically receive a brand new updated poster.

If you would like to sign up for the Strongpay Labor Poster Replacement solution to receive physical replacements to comply with state and federal posting relations for $10/month (inlcudes shipping charges) please complete the form below:

If you are interested in one of HowardSimon's labor law poster compliance programs, please provide us with the following information: